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Spicy mustard rarities for dipping, cooking and enjoying

Did you know that there are white, brown and black mustard seeds? Or that mustard was used more than 3.000 years ago? That it was the only hot spice used in the European cuisine; long before pepper? Mustard is a fascinating spice, and even more fascinating is the aromatic spicy paste produced from it. Mustard is a true palate tickler combined with rustic foods, fine steaks or aromatic cheeses and should not be absent from any pantry. So that even more variety is added to this great spice we at Pödör have created six mustard varieties which are very convincing. Sometimes fruity, sometimes mild, sometimes strong or hot: the six blends invite you to have a taste!

Pödör mustards are produced in accordance with strict quality inspections so that, in the end, only the very best product lands in the jar. It is a matter of course for us not to work with chemical additives and aromas. Selected raw materials and a gentle production process ensure that the resulting mustard meets your high expectations and valuable substances remain in the end product. One of these substances is mustard oil. It has an anti-bacterial effect in the human body which makes it effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi. Good health can taste so good.

Apple balsamico mustard
Deliverable in short time
Deliverable in short time
Hazelnut mustard
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Deliverable in short time
Honey mustard
Deliverable in short time
Deliverable in short time
Mediterranean green herb mustard - piquant
Deliverable in short time
Deliverable in short time
Onion-green herb mustard
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Deliverable in short time
Whole seed Rotisseur mustard
Deliverable in short time
Deliverable in short time

From the mustard plant seed into the jar: Mustard production

At Pödör you can be sure that only substances beneficial to your health are in the mustard. Every basic mustard recipe contains the same four ingredients: Mustard seeds, salt, water and vinegar. These are then supplemented with other ingredients according to the desired flavor for instance with toasted hazelnuts, fresh pumpkin seeds or chilies. All mustard products from Pödör undergo continual production checks.

First of all the mustard seeds are cleansed and then milled between two rollers. In the next stage of production the milled mustard seed is mixed together with the other ingredients so that a mash results. To allow for the aromas to fully mature the mash at Pödör is given sufficient time to ferment. Then the mustard mash is further processed into a paste. At this stage it is important that the temperature does not exceed 50 degrees centigrade otherwise sensitive essential oils are lost.

In the final step the end mustard product is filled into jars and has to mature inside the glass for another few weeks. Mustard straight off the production line would be too hot for immediate use.

What you may have missed in our production story are excessively high temperatures and additives. That is because at Pödör we do not use either of them. We set great store by gentle processing that affects taste and substances as little as possible. We consciously refrain from using preservatives, flavor enhancers and aromas. That much we owe to our demands on quality.

Various mustard blends provide diversity

Together with Pödör extend your flavor horizons and discover new mustard rarities! The six sorts were developed together with and experienced team of chefs and mirror the culinary diversity of the base product. Their aromas and combinations are unique!

Enjoy the Pödör mustards pure or in one of the recipes especially developed for them. The dishes can be found in the recipe finder!

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Spice things up individually with Pödör mustards

If you shut your eyes and think about mustard you are sure to think of its inimitable spiciness and slight acidity. In the mustard blends from Pödör a light fruity note is added as in the Styrian "Weisswurst" mustard for example which tastes of apples or the fine nutty note in their hazelnut mustard. The six exquisite mustard blends will make you the spice star in your kitchen because mustard does not only go well with sausages:

Classic mustard uses: Without mustard roasts, sausages and similar meals taste only half as good! It doesn't matter whether they are cold or warm, if the meal is just a snack or a full dinner – mustard is a classical ingredient in spicy sauces. Mustard for enhancing sauces: For game dishes or red meat sauces that have been enhanced with a couple of spoonfuls of mustard taste simply wonderful. Make sure to try it out!

Mustard with cheese: No matter whether with creamy Brie or tasty Parmesan – accompany it with mustard from Pödör.

Mustard in the salad dressing: Mustard may not be excluded from a classic vinaigrette of vinegar and oil. Choose from our product range of high-quality oils, vinegars and mustards from Pödör.

Mustard in spreads and dips: Mustard is a palate tickler on its own. However if spreads and dips are enhanced with it whole new worlds of flavor are opened up. Surprise your guests at your next Raclette or Fondue get-together with a newly-created spread!

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