Mayonnaise chicken pasta salad recipe

This mayonnaise chicken pasta salad tastes equally superb whether lukewarm or cold.  It is an easy-to-make, nutritious, tasty pasta dish, which you can also take to work for lunch.

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For the mayonnaise, put the boiled egg yolk, the salt, pepper and mustard, the milk and the apple balsamico, and, finally, the walnut and flaxseed oil in a blender.


Blend the ingredients for 10 seconds until the mixture reaches mayonnaise consistency.


Dice the chicken breast and roast it on a spoonful of baking rapeseed oil. Salt it mildly.


In a pot, bring 2 l water to a boil, sprinkle a pinch of salt in it, and then cook the pasta al dente.


Drain the pasta and cool it until lukewarm. Then, mix in the spinach.  Make sure the pasta is still lukewarm and the spinach collapses slightly in it. Add the roasted chicken breast and toss it together with the prepared mayonnaise.


Make sure that all the ingredients of the mayonnaise are of the same temperature, or else it will not become creamy enough. In our experience, ingredients at fridge temperature will make for the best consistency.
The linseed oil in this recipe can be replaced by the more neutral tasting chia oil.

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