Overview of Natural Fruit Vinegars

At Pödör only nature is filled into the vinegar bottles

There is hardly another foodstuff that has such a long tradition as vinegar. It is said to be one of the oldest foodstuffs known to mankind as it has been prepared for thousands of years. The main thing that differentiates vinegar from other foodstuffs is its long shelf life. Our ancestors appreciated vinegar, in addition to its uses in the kitchen, as a natural remedy. It is reported to have a beneficial effect on the digestive system and to lower body temperature (antipyretic).

In addition it is said to be a useful aid against skin illnesses, joint pain or bruising. All fruit vinegars from Pödör are 100 percent natural and without any artificial additives at all. We trust in production from selected raw materials such as plums, quinces or grapes which yield the best possible result. We also trust in our many years of experience in vinegar production.

Old meets new in fruit vinegars

Fruit vinegars made from berries, stone fruits or fruiting vegetables

In the production of fruit vinegars opposites meet and show that wonderful things can arise from this combination. Old and new production processes are combined at Pödör and allow for the creation of fruit vinegars that are incomparable in taste. The process from the fruit to the bottle is also simple and complex:

First of all the fully matured fruit is harvested and juiced. This is followed by the first fermentation process whereby the fruit juice turns into wine. By way of natural fermentation a fluid containing alcohol and sugar results. The insider term for this process is "maceration".

In the next step Pödör follows the so-called submerged fermentation process which is also known as the acetator process. In small production facilities the acetic bacteria are kept suspended in the fluid under controlled ventilation. In this way the temperature can be continually checked and kept stable so that the vinegar can ferment in an optimal environment.

At Pödör only small facilities are in use as the ventilation systems operate on the Venturi principle. The fermentation process takes longer because of it; however the end product is much more aromatic.

So as you can see we do not use additives or artificial aromas at any stage. We are convinced that for high quality vinegars nothing other than first class raw materials is required. Due to the gentle production of the vinegars many substances are retained and find their way into the bottles. Pödör vinegars are not filtered and that is why pectins, secondary plant compounds, vitamins, trace elements and minerals are contained in concentrated form.

When it is all about creating vinegars we at Pödör know no limits! We have made it our objective to bring variety into your salad bowl. For instance with natural vinegars from all kinds of fruits each of which tastes completely different. You will be surprised how distinct the aroma of each individual vinegar is. From mildly fruity over tart to intensively exotic, the range of tastes is simply endless. Due to the near-natural processing of fresh fruit juice the taste, aroma and color of the fruit remain in the vinegar. One more reason to choose vinegars from Pödör.

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The fruit vinegars from Pödör are so varied in their uses

Do you immediately think of salad when you hear the word vinegar? That is good! Together with the cold pressed oils from Pödör the fruit vinegars team perfectly with a salad. Salads are not all the same however. Refine leafy salads, fruit vegetable salads or unusual collards with your favorite vinegar from Pödör. In this way you can enjoy your vitamin-rich food differently every day because a lettuce salad with sweetish blackcurrant vinegar tastes completely different from one with tart beer vinegar. Test your way through the wide product range and find your personal favorites.

Fruit vinegars do not stop at salads though. Vinegar has made its culinary way into the cooking pots and pans. Into those of both hobby cooks and acclaimed gourmet chefs. Vinegar is a wonderful, spicy addition to many kinds of sauces, dips or marinades.

Fruit vinegar makes red meat especially tender if you let it marinate for a few hours. Tip: Make good use of fruity vinegars for a natural way of preserving all kinds of vegetables.

Vinegar is not afraid of sweet experiments either. In particular the fruity berry vinegars such as raspberry vinegar or blackcurrant vinegar go very well with creams and other desserts. Just a few drops over Mascarpone cream or Vanilla ice-cream will delight you and your guests.

We at Pödör work together with a team of experts to find and create new, inspirational recipes for you. Take a look at the recipe finder for new ideas with vinegar!

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