Recipes with cold-pressed oils

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Black Table 2013

The first stage of a unique culinary event series

Black Table 2015

A fantastic evening with two of the greatest chefs

Black Table 2016

The meeting of fashion and gastronomy on a special night

Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids

It is the right proportion that determines our performance.

Flaxseed oil

Delicious, healthy and versatile


Leonardo Di Clemente interview

Cooking is my life

András Wolf interview

There is no other way than tasting

Interview with Thomas Bühner

The new direction

Christian Bau interview

Fast and fasting

What are some of the things related to fasting that can help preserve our health?

Prepare for pregnancy

Prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy

Fighting off the "end of winter" fatigue

Tips to reduce symptoms

Vitamin E - our bodyguard

Why is vitamin E so important?

Which types of fat to use?

Healthy alternatives

Only three more months left until summer

It's time for a health check and a personalized diet plan!

The magic of water

How much to drink of it and why?

What can you do for the healthy functioning of your kidneys?

Nutrition tips and advices

What are the needs of the female body?

Beauty and health through proper diet

Batata – is it really better than potato?

Which one is the better choice?


the „running food”


Foods that touch our senses


The token of beauty

Our children and the omega fatty acids

Why are ω-acids so important?

Healthy sweets

What can we eat if we are craving sweets?

Breakfast for busy people

Ideas for an easily prepared breakfast

Pödör at the 2017 Zurheide Gourmet Festival

Pödör and 3-Michelin-star chef Christian Bau

Pödör and 3-Michelin-star chef Christian Bau together at the Zurheide gourmet summit in Düsseldorf

Jörg Müller

Pödör stepped on the stage together with the 2 Michelin star chef at the Zurheide Gourmet Festival

The ideal breakfast for our kids

Ideal beginning of the day for the little ones

Su Vössing

Culinary artist

Anuga visitors are fond of delicacies and keen to learn, too



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